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"Guys at Parties Like It" Accolades and Distribution

July 2023


GAPLI has racked up several awards and official selections in the festival circuit including Best Horror and Best Actress at the Long Island International Film Festival. Best Produced Screenplay was also awarded at the Crimson Screen Festival. The film should be available to stream in early 2024!!

"The Burned Over District" Wins Best Sound Design

March 2023

Horror film "The Burned Over District" has won Best Sound Design and several other awards at HorrorHound Film Festival, which Sour Note Productions contributed to post production for. The film is now available on streaming platforms for rental.

Film Accolades Coming In!!

October 2022


Many of the films that Sour Note Productions has worked on are receiving accolades recently on the festival circuit.  Here are some from "Internal Combat" scored by Zazu Pitts and "Rock Paper Scissors", which had all audio post completed at Sour Note with some additional scoring by Zazu...

Internal Combat

New York True Venture - Best Short Narrative

Adirondack Film Festival - Official Selection

Dos Lagos Film Festival - Best Thriller Nomination

Rock Paper Scissors

Jersey Shore Film Festival - Best Narrative Feature

Atlantic City Cinefest - Best Director

The Veins Record Acoustic Album

August 2022


Sour Note Productions is in the progress of recording The Veins 6-song acoustic album with producer Zazu Pitts. The last album, "....Call Roc City Home," also produced by Zazu, got some kudos in MetalHead magazine's issue #4 stating, "...The Veins continue to write and produce solid, timeless, accessible rocks songs". The article when on to also call them "...your favourite rock band, it's just you probably haven't discovered them - yet".

You can find their latest album on all streaming platforms...

GAPLI 2 Poster.jpeg
Post-Production Completed on "Guys At Parties Like It"

May 2022


Sour Note Productions is wrapping up post on the horror film "Guys At Parties Like It", which includes all aspects of audio including a 5.1 surround mix and music scoring by Zazu Pitts.  GAPLI is being produced by one our partners, Mattioli Productions, and is slated to make the festival circuit rounds and be released soon.

Rock Paper Scissors.jpeg
Post-Production Completed on "Rock Paper Scissors"

January 2022


Sour Note Productions is wrapping up on the thriller film "Rock Paper Scissors", which is currently racking up official selections, nominations and wins on the festival circuit. Keep an eye out for distribution soon!

GAPLI Poster.jpeg
Post-Production Started on "Guys At Parties Like It"

November 2021


Sour Note Productions is ramping up on the horror film "Guys At Parties Like It", which will include all aspects of audio including a 5.1 surround mix and music scoring by Zazu Pitts.  GAPLI is being produced by one our partners, Mattioli Productions, and is slated to make the festival circuit rounds and be released in 2022.

"Kuru" Trailer Snags Official Selection

October 2021

The trailer for the thriller film "Kuru", produced by Sour Note Productions, is an official selection in the Dreamachine International Film Festival.

The Veins Release First Half of New Album

June 2021


The Veins have release the first half of their new album "...Call Roc City Home", which was produced by Zazu. It can be found on all of the streaming sites and here an excerpt from the first review...

"It was all laid to tape by Zazu Pitts at his Sour Note Studios in Rochester during the pandemic. Pitts’ production and obvious influence on the Veins’ new material totally works.  ...This band comes off menacing and huge. It would seem their prime goes on forever."

Rochester Beacon Review

Halloween Inferno.jpg
Halloween Inferno Series Surpasses 1 Million Views

April 2021


The "Halloween Inferno" series that Sour Note Productions assisted with from a sound design, mix, and creative perspective has surpassed 1 million views on YouTube.  Here are the links to all 3 parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

American Bar Association Podcast Milestone

April 2021


Sour Note Productions has been involved in the audio post-production for over 50 podcasts by American Bar Association since they began recording in 2020. With thousands of listeners, SNP has provided everything from music to heavy cleanup of recordings. We're honored to be involved with such a prestigious organization and look forward to the next 50!!

Zazu Will Compose for Award-Winning "Renner" film

January 2021


Zazu has signed on to be composer for the award-winning Sci-Fi Thriller, Renner, which is currently in development...more news coming soon!!

Post-Production Completed on "HipBeat"

October 2020


Audio post-production has just been completed for "HipBeat" - a film directed by and starring Samuel Kay Forrest. The film is now available to watch on these platforms.

"Skins" Receives Several Accolades

September 2020


Skins, a film by Michael Del Rossa & scored by Zazu at Sour Note Studios, received several accolades on the film festival circuit:

IndieX Film Festival: Semi-Finalist

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival: Official Selection

Horror Hound Weekend Film Festival: Official Selection

Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival: Official Selection

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Chicago Horror Film
"Fool" is Official Selection at Chicago Horror Film Festival

July 2020


Fool is an Official Selection in the 'Short Films' category of the Chicago Horror Film Festival. Zazu created the original score of the film and did all audio post production.

Role of a Lifetime.jpg
Post-Production Completed on "Role of a Lifetime"

April 2020


Synopsis: Amber and her lover Liz are moving slow after a romantic evening celebrating her recent Oscar. They awaken to an invasive postal worker who seems fascinated with Hollywood stars, who secretly enters the apartment. The film is filled with secrets of longing, love, and the pain of rejection.

Finalist - Everest International - 2020
"Kuru" Short Film Nominated as Finalist

January 2020


Kuru has been nominated as finalist and Official Selection in the 'Short Films' category of the Everest International Film Festival.

A Halloween Fan Film

October 2019


Zazu helped out on the production and post-production for "Halloween Inferno" -  a fan film by the Coleman Brothers. It won best fan film at Update NY Horror Film Fest and is gaining quite a bit of attention. Check it out, as well as a review here:

Halloween Inferno

We Watched a Movie - Review

SNP will do Post-Production on Rock, Paper, Scissors

June 2019


Sour Note Productions will do audio post-production for the thriller film Rock, Paper, Scissors due out in 2020.


Michael Del Rossa.jpeg
Post-Production starts for Michael Del Rossa Film "Skins"

April 2019


Special FX guru, Michael Del Rossa (Pirates of the Caribbean, 300, The Watchmen) finished filming his debut short "Skins" post-production is ramping up.


Hope Project_edited.png
Zazu Pitts Signs on as Lead Composer for Video Game with Great Cause

April 2019

Project Hope is a game in development by Bright in Porto, Portugal. The goal of the game is to provide education and emotional support for children and their families fighting cancer. It is truly a great cause and Zazu is honored to be a part of the project.


Filming starts for Michael Del Rossa Film "Skins"

August 2018


Special FX guru, Michael Del Rossa (Pirates of the Caribbean, 300, The Watchmen), is creating his first film, which has just started filming. More news coming soon on this project!!


Post-Production Starts On "Kuru" Thriller Mid-Length Feature

January 2018


"Kuru", a mid-length feature directed by The Coleman Brothers (Book of Evil) is entering the post-production stage.  This thriller is shaping up to be a fantastic follow-up to their last horror film to be released soon.


Zazu Pitts Signs on to Score Michael Del Rossa Film

December 2017


Special FX guru, Michael Del Rossa (Pirates of the Caribbean, 300, The Watchmen), is creating his first film, which is tentatively titled "Skins." The story proves to be unique based on a little known legend around shape-shifting creatures that have walked amongst us over time.


Post-Production Starts On "Hola Hermano" Documentary

August 2017


The tagline for this documentary is "An epic spiritual journey with miracles, mystery and murder."  Starring Michael Billy, this story promises to be an captivating experience for all.


"Book Of Evil" Secures Distribution Deal

April 2017


The latest horror film that Zazu scored, "Book Of Evil", has secured a worldwide distribution deal with Wild Eye Releasing. The anthology includes the multi-award winning "Squatters". News coming soon on which outlets it will be available through.


Sour Note Productions Re-brands With New Logo

January 2017


With the recent successes of 2016 and ventures into larger projects, we decided now was a good time to update our brand. Our new logo plays off our slogan; The Power To Change Perception. We felt the classic comedy/tragedy masks were perfect to portray this message, but we added a little twist of lemon and blood to magnify the concept of change. Click on the image to see a full size version of our new logo.  Special thanks to Five Milligrams for turning our concept into an awesome visual representation!!


Squatters Wins Another Award

November 2016


"Squatters" just picked up another award at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Fest!


Zazu Pitts Wins Best Score At International Horror Film Festival

October 2016


More great news...Zazu has been honored with Best Score for "Squatters" at International Horror Film Fest's Fear NYC event. With hundreds of films submitted, the film also secured an Official Selection at the festival. Judges included producers, writers, directors, composers and actors from The Hills Have Eyes, The Purge: Election Year, The Witch and Terror Films to name a few.


Hansen Vs. Predator Debuts

September 2016


The first episode of 'Hansen vs. Predator' has debuted on Crime Watch Daily. Zazu, named as a producer on the show, is excited to see this project come to fruition. Watch part of the first episode here:

Chris Hansen Brings Back Child Investigations with Hansen Vs. Predator

August 2016


We have some big news to share! Chris Hansen is back with a new series 'Hansen vs. Predator' and Zazu is a Producer. The series is a continuation of his original 'To Catch A Predator' investigations that aired on Dateline NBC and will be part of a new show he is hosting, 'Crime Watch Daily'. We all look forward to seeing Chris back in action this fall and putting a new breed of child predators behind bars...


Read an official announcement here: Hansen Vs. Predator Returns


Squatters Film Receives Several Accolades

August 2016


After submitting "Squatters" to several film festivals, it has already received several accolades including being an official selection at the International Horror Film Festival. There were also several nominations and two wins including Best WNY Feature Mid/Length Film at the WNY F.A.M.E. festival.


Watch the trailer we also put together here: Squatter Fear Fest Trailer


Squatters Film Debuts

July 2016


Another project popped up, which was the scoring of a short horror film. This film by Coleman Films and 3am Productions utilizes the special fx expertise of Michael Del Rossa who has worked on such films as "300" and "The Watchmen."  You can watch the trailer we also put together here: Squatter Fear Fest Trailer


Next step for the producers is fllm fest submissions.

Kylo Ren Project & More Reviews

March 2016


As we gear up to score the next film, Phoenix: The Resurrection, Zazu decided to take on a little personal project to keep the chops up.  You can watch it here: Kylo Ren (Rise Of The FIrst Order) Theme


Here is another great review from The Independent Critic on The Jersey Devil as well :-)

The Jersey Devil Sells Out On First Day

October 2015


On October 27th, 2015, Shami Media Group released The Jersey Devil worldwide and within a few hours it was sold out online at all major retailers such as F.Y.E., Best Buy, Barnes & Noble,  and Amazon. This was quite unexpected to all those involved, but was a nice reward to further solidify the success of this independent film.  For Sour Note Productions, we're grateful to have been a part of this project and are looking forward to working again with some of the same producers and director for Phoenix: The Resurrection.



The Jersey Devil To Be Released Worldwide

September 2015


Shami Media Group has announced worldwide distribution of The Jersey Devil.  Shami Media Group is led by film veteran Bob Shami. With over 15 years of film distribution, their movies are currently found in retailers such as, F.Y.E., Best Buy, Tower, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Sears, Kmart, MVD, Walmart, Target, Frys, Baker & Taylor, Red Box, iTunes and Netflix. They will now be adding "The Jersey Devil" to their catalog of outstanding films.


Broadway World Announcement

Great Review by Rogue Cinema!!

Mouth Full Album Production Wraps

January 2015


Rochester-based band, Mouth Full, chose Sour Note Productions to produce their first full-length album.  After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, the final mixing and mastering is complete.  Clips from this amazing band can be heard HERE or you can watch the album trailer HERE (parental guidance suggested)

The Jersey Devil Wins 4 Awards @ Atlantic City Film Festival

October 2014


The Jersey Devil has won four awards at the Atlantic City Downbeach Festival including Best Comedy Feature, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor.  Sour Note Productions would like to congratulate the entire team that helped to make this possible and looks forward to working with many of them again on the next feature film!!

The Jersey Devil Premieres

September 2014


What happened?  The Jersey Devil movie premieres, which was scored by Sour Note Productions' Zazu and Brandon Williams (pictured).  Where?  Loews Landmark Theater in Jersey City, NJ.  Who?  Most of the cast and crew along with about 600 other people who couldn't wait to see this long-anticipated indie comedy.


The movie received rave reviews, which can be read here:


Time Square Gossip

Daily Film Forum


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