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Zazu Pitts

Zazu Pitts is a multi-award winning musician, composer and producer that has proven his diversity with a multitude of projects. His roots are in the many musical acts he has performed with, the most well-known being industrial outfit Bitter Flesh Thing. BFT won an Ernie Ball band competition and performed on the Warped Tour immediately preceding platinum-selling act Kid Rock.


To grow musically, Zazu felt he needed to put live performances on hiatus. Sour Note Productions was created and he ventured into the world of producing and composing. Early on he produced songs for Gloria Maduka (American Idol performer / Best New Act @ Atlanta NPA Awards) and tween pop artist Ryleigh, which resulted in the single "txt me." To challenge himself, he went on to write, direct, and produce a full-production music video that accompanied the song.


As his portfolio diversified, Zazu felt there was still one genre calling his name, TV and Film. Upon venturing into this space, many projects he has worked on have been successful and received accolades. "The NEXT American Gay" was distributed worldwide with a viewership of 6 million people. "The Jersey Devil," won four awards including Best Comedy Feature at the Atlantic City Cinefest in 2014.  "Squatters", a horror film Zazu scored in the summer of 2016, was an Official Selection and won Best Score at the International Horror Film Festival - Fear NYC 2016. It has received many additional nominations and awards including Best WNY Mid-Length Feature at the WNY F.A.M.E. festival. This momentum allowed Squatters to be turned into the full-length horror film "Book of Evil". The trailer he created for the movie is also an Official Selection at multiple trailer festivals. After his first film and TV projects, Zazu was a Producer for "Hansen vs. Predator" starring former Dateline NBC personality Chris Hansen, which premiered in the fall of 2016. 

More recently, Zazu has scored and done audio post-production for many films receiving numerous accolades (see News section for more info). Recent projects include producing and doing audio post for the Halloween Inferno series, which has become one of the biggest fan film series ever, and composing for the first film by special effects guru Michael Del Rossa (Pirates of the Caribbean, 300, The Watchmen).

Zazu’s proven creativity and ability to get results have made him sought after on several fronts. Currently he is working on audio post for "Renner", a psychological sci-fi thriller starring Frankie Muniz and Violett Beane. As he continues to compose and produce artists, he at times sits on the Board of Directors for the Hochstein School of Music in Rochester, NY, where he has helped define strategic direction.

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