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A team of individuals who challenge ourselves in everything we do...not just musically, but in all aspects of life.  We strive to excel and deliver well beyond the expectation of the customer.

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Multivision FX - Michael Del Rossa
Cory Green


Joseph Pepitone
Supervising Writer/Producer at Nickelodeon Sports

Zazu Pitts was the Music Supervisor and Composer on my film The Jersey Devil. To say Zazu bought the film to another level is an understatement. He captured the entire mood of the film from scene to scene and helped tell the story I was trying to tell. His work ethic was incredible, working many late nights to get the film ready for its premiere. Zazu was a huge asset in making The Jersey Devil a success.

D.A. Karkos
Producer (John Corabi of Mötley Crüe, Jerry Gaskill of Kings X)

Through his work, I always knew Zazu was really talented. He has great instincts and is musically deep with knowledge in most genres. But what really made me a fan was when I worked alongside him in his studio mixing a full length record. He's creative, driven, passionate, and organized. His work ethic is tireless, paying attention to the finest details. He's a great collaborator with an open mind, and he's definitely a guy you can trust to deliver beyond your expectations.

Michael Del Rossa
Multivison FX (300, Pirates of the Caribbean, Watchmen)

Zazu Pitts's score work on our project "Squatters" has become quiet an integral element of the project. The collaborative process was smooth and creatively satisfying. There wasn't a sense of omni ego driven control on our project. In fact, quite the opposite. As a filmmaker I look forward to working with him again once we complete our feature. The effort he has contributed so far did not go without notice. He was recently awarded "Best Score" at the International Horror Film Festival for his work on our film.

Mike Feeney
Guitarist for Mouth Full

When we decided to record our debut album it was a no brainier that we would return to Sour Note Productions. We explained what we wanted out of the recording process and Zazu really was able to capture it. He always has fantastic ideas that can make a great song just that much better. If someone told me our album "THE NEXT DISASTER" would have some strings and effects on it, I would have said you're crazy, but Zazu added them so tastefully. It truly was a great experience and I couldn't have asked for more!

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