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Custom Scoring

We can help you create the right feel for your project.

Composer Reel

Zazu shows us how music has the power to change perception

Creating A Disturbing Ambience

Multiple techniques were used to achieve the director’s wish for a disturbing feel in this montage of scenes

Logo Animation

The soundscape here is a cinematic feel that compliments the motion

Thriller Intro

Feel the tension increase throughout the clip along with some well-placed releases from that tension

Comedy Trailer

This trailer starts out with the impression of doom and gloom, but quickly becomes light-hearted

Suspenseful Title Sequence

This music keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering if something will happen...does it?


Speculate what might happen and then experience a jolt of surprise.  Feel the excitement as you "hear" a bullet wisk through the air...


Hear how recurring themes can build characters at the most intense times. The same themes are turned against the antagonist in the end of this montage...

The following playlist is geared toward gaming, but also works well in film...
We'll post more samples soon, but for now enjoy this cinematic choir piece...
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