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Creative Services

Sour Note Productions has the unique ability to offer creative consultation.  From artists to businesses, we can create concepts and content that will keep people talking.  Here is some of what we've done...

Tween Pop

In 2011, Sour Note Productions signed tween artist Ryleigh to a production deal. A single was written specifically for Ryleigh and a full production video written, directed, and produced as well.  From concept to final product, all content was creatively driven by Sour Note Productions.

Storyboard conceived and created by Sour Note Productions.

Final video can be compared to the storyboard above, which shows the attention to detail

The "Making of txt me" shows the amount of work that went into this production from start to finish

Doritos Commercial

In 2012, Sour Note Productions conceptualized and created a commercial for the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl competition. This was the result...

Industrial Rock

Zazu Pitts of Sour Note Productions was the driving force behind the band Bitter Flesh Thing. Check out the powerful imagery created in the album cover (conceptualized before the current zombie-mania in pop culture) and "Capricorn" video below...

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